Football | May 22, 2024

Top 5 Sports that Are Perfect for Coed Athletes

When you hear the word “sports,” and you conjure up an image of a team out on a field or in an arena, there’s a good chance that your mind creates male players or “jocks.” However, there are just as many, if not more, women who enjoy not only watching but also participating in a variety of competitive sports. Here are five of the most popular sports enjoyed by all genders alike.


#1 – Outdoor Football
Football is one of the most popular sports across the country. Millions of Americans make a day of watching their favorite NFL teams play, and some even get together with their friends to play backyard games. Fortunately, outdoor football is one of the best social sports out there for coed athletes, too. It is traditionally played in sports clubs as flag football, which helps to prevent injury and gives everyone the same opportunity to compete.

#2 – Outdoor Soccer
Outdoor soccer is yet another option enjoyed by both men and women. It’s a highly social sport, especially when men and women on the same teams work together to beat their opponents. Outdoor soccer utilizes FIFA rules, for the most part, and the game is played the same way as you’d see on TV during the World Cup (Well, almost!). There’s a lot of excitement that goes into learning to control and pass the ball around with your teammates. 

#3 – Volleyball
Volleyball is a sport you can play at any age. It offers several varieties of coed play.  Traditional 6v6 Coed leagues play on a men’s height net (7’11”)  and typically has 4 male and 2 female players, while Reverse Coed is played on a women’s height net (7’4″), has 3 of each gender and prohibits male players from attacking in the front row. There are also 4v4 and 2v2 varieties of both Coed and Reverse Coed. However, these formats are traditionally played in an outdoor setting. Regardless of the format, volleyball is always a fun, recreational way to enjoy coed sports!

#4 – Outdoor Softball
Softball is typically regarded as a “woman’s sport”, mostly because local teams across the country are comprised of women. However, when it comes to social sports, softball succeeds as a coed sport and one that everyone can enjoy. Adult slow-pitch softball leagues are everywhere, but when you join a sports club, you will have dozens of different teams to play each season. This keeps things fresh and exciting, giving you a chance to be competitive and the opportunity to socialize with your opponents after the game.

#5 – Kickball
While kickball is often viewed as a child’s game – and one played during recess or on an especially fun PE day – that’s no longer the case. More and more adults are discovering the sheer fun and excitement that comes from a competitive game of kickball. Like dodgeball, you won’t need superhuman strength or even specialized knowledge of sports to succeed in kickball. If you can kick the ball and run yourself through the bases, that’s all that really matters.

Social sports are beneficial in numerous ways, and the good news about many of today’s biggest and most prevalent sports clubs is that the vast majority of the sports offered are coed. Consider joining up today and choosing a sport that suits your unique needs and schedule, then make a few new friends and enjoy a brand new way to spend your evening and weekend hours.