General | June 5, 2023

BSSC Weekly Workout #7

Here we are at week 7 of the BSSC weekly workout series! To keep us in shape, our friend & personal trainer Tiffany has worked hard on this balance challenge. Improve your stability and balance with this workout! Strengthen your legs, glutes, core, and shoulders while challenging your balance, coordination, and stability. Complete each exercise 8-15 times on each side (depending on your fitness level) before moving on to the other side. Start with your weaker side so that you can match with the same number of repetitions on your stronger side. Complete 3-4 sets of each exercise.

This exercise will strengthen your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves while improving your stability and coordination. Start on your knees. Step one leg out in front of you, bent at 90 degrees. From there, step your other leg out. Stay low in your squat position. Pause for one second before bringing one knee back down, followed by the other. Repeat.

This exercise will also strengthen your legs and glutes while challenging your balance! Begin with your legs hip width apart. Step one leg back and bend both knees at 90 degrees. Keep your weight evenly distributed and chest lifted. Push off of your back leg into a balanced position, straightening out your front leg. Hold for two seconds before returning to your lunge.

Begin in a table top position with your arms directly below your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips. Extend your arm out in front of you and your opposite leg out behind you. Drift your extended arm and leg out away from the midline of the body while maintaining the position of your spine and hips. Slowly return to table top and repeat on the same side.

Begin with one foot on the ground with a soft bend in your knee. Bend your elevated knee and move your body slowly through a running action while maintaining balance.