Sports – Info for Volleyball Free Agents

Most volleyball leagues fill with full teams, but if you are an individual looking to play, there are 3 ways to get on a volleyball team:

1. If there is enough interest from individuals (at least 3 women and 5 men of the appropriate skill level) and there is a team opening, we will make up a team of individuals. Frequently, teams of individuals are formed for the Advanced Beginner/Low Intermediate leagues; sometimes for Low Intermediate leagues; and occasionally for Intermediate leagues. However, it is very rare for Int/Adv or Advanced levels.

2. Go on our “free agents” list. Captains who are returning to the league sometimes need to add a couple of people to their team. Please provide the following information, which will be provided to interested captains:

• The league(s) (i.e. level, location and night) that you are looking to play in. If you aren’t sure what level you fall into, see “Explanation of Volleyball Levels.”
• Phone number
• Email address
• Your background in volleyball (i.e. played in high school or college or intramurals, played in other leagues, 6’5” hitter or setter, good passer, server etc.).. anything that will “sell” you to a team.
If your skills fit the needs of an inquiring captain, they will then contact you and ask you to come “try out” for their team. If you get on a team, you will pay the captain your portion of the team fee and any non-member fees.

3. Just show up to the first night of any league you want to play in. Captains know that there may be walk-ons. If they need to pick up a player, they will sometimes wait to see who shows up that first night. They have 3 weeks to finalize their rosters. If no one shows up, or no one who fits their needs, they then usually call and ask for the “free agents” list.