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  • 07.11.2020
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Coed, Men's & Women's Soccer Leagues

  BSSC Men's and Coed Soccer Cleats and Ball on Soccer Field in Boston Massachusetts

We have added in a few incentives to take the stress out of getting your team organized and ready to play:
1) We are WAIVING ALL NON-MEMBER FEES on new leagues starting in July & Aug. This will help team finances and enable you to easily carry a larger roster.
2) We are making future registrations RISK-FREE, cutting the cost of team deposits to $100 (50% off) and allowing cash refunds if we are unable to play.
3) Sports League Flex Registration: Prices will reduce each week allowing teams to join when ready to play. Teams must sign up prior to weekly deadline to be included in the schedule. The dates listed below represent when the league starts, but teams can still register up to 5 weeks after that date.  See full details on league pages.

BSSC provides the top notch fields and facilities, referees, game balls, dri-fit jerseys & opponents... All you need to do is bring your game!
INDIVIDUALS - Sign up on your own or with a group of friends to be placed on a team - just fill in 'Teammate Request'.  You may see 'Holding Payment' or be 'Wait-listed' while we gather enough players, but we match up teams all the time!

- Tuesday Coed 7v7 – starts Aug 11
- Tuesday Men’s 7v7 – starts Aug 11
- Wednesday Coed 7v7 – starts Aug 12
- Wednesday Men’s 7v7 – starts Aug 12
- Thursday Coed 7v7 – starts Aug 13
- Thursday Men’s 7v7 – starts Aug 13
- Sunday Coed 7v7 – starts Aug 16
- Sunday Men’s 7v7 – starts Aug 16

- Tuesday Coed 7v7 – starts Aug 11
- Tuesday Men’s 7v7 – starts Aug 11
- Thursday Coed 7v7 – starts Aug 13
- Thursday Men’s 7v7 – starts Aug 13
- Monday Coed 7v7 – starts Aug 17
- Monday Men’s 7v7 – starts Aug 17
- Wednesday Coed 7v7 – starts Aug 26

- Wednesday Men's 7v7 – starts Aug 26
- Wednesday Coed 7v7 – starts Aug 26

Full Field 11v11
- Saturday Mens 11v11 – starts Aug 15
- Tuesday Coed 11v11 – starts Aug 18
- Wednesday Coed 11v11 – starts Aug 19
- Wednesday Men's 11v11 – starts August 19
- Thursday Coed 11v11 – starts Aug 20
- Sunday Coed 11v11 – starts Aug 23

For more details and to register, click on the leagues above. Please call us at 617.789.4070 with any questions.

Click here to view all BSSC outdoor soccer leagues.

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